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Selected question sets and conceptual solution sets on WBCS Mains Arithmetic and Reasoning

10 WBCS Math Questions - 12th Solved Arithmetic Practice Set

thumb wbcs math questions solved arithmetic practice set 12

12th WBSC solved question set to be used for arithmetic practice on simple interest, profit loss, number system, percentage, partnership, ratio, mixture and discount.

Solutions explain how to solve the questions easily and quickly. It should be useful for prelims of other competitive exams also...

How to solve Clock problems


In an analog clock the minutes hand moves faster than the hour hand and crosses it 22 times in a day, both going round and round over the clock face. In a typical clock problem, we are asked to find the angle between the two clock hands at a specific time...

How to solve Calendar problems

thumb how to solve calendar math questions

Odd days concept lies at the heart of calendar math. To know the day on 21st March, 2411 if it were a Monday on 1st October, 2012, just find the odd days between the two dates and count weekdays equal to odd days from the day after the starting day. In this session we will explain the concept of odd days, and show you how to solve calendar problems easily using the concept...


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