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For guided learning and practice on Number system and HCF LCM, follow Comprehensive Suresolv Number system HCF LCM Guide with all articles


Selected question sets and conceptual solution sets on WBCS Mains Arithmetic and Reasoning

WBCS Main level Arithmetic solved question set 12


In this twelfth solved question set on WBCS main level Arithmetic, first part contains 10 selected WBCS Main level arithmetic questions followed by answers to the questions. In the important third part, easy and quick solutions for the 10 questions along with concepts are explained. It has been shown how all 10 problems can be solved quickly in mind...

How to solve difficult fraction comparison problems in a few steps


Comparison of fractions is a tricky process, but if you learn to use patterns inherent in a set of fractions, you should be able to quickly solve even knotty fraction comparisons by applying a suitable method exploiting the pattern. In this session, as many as six different techniques of fraction comparison are presented with examples...

How to solve Clock problems


In an analog clock the minutes hand moves faster than the hour hand and crosses it 22 times in a day, both going round and round over the clock face. In a typical clock problem, we are asked to find the angle between the two clock hands at a specific time...


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