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Start systematic problem solving all by yourself

With systematic problem solving, you will reach the solution in a quick, sure and least cost way following a path that usually is not conventional.

It's sure that you can reach the right solution to your problem. Not a speck of doubt should ever cross your mind. You are not helpless.

You have enormous reservoir of mind power that you may not be aware of. Stick to your guns. Think and act. Intelligently. At each step.

No random decisions at all. Think analytically. Think objectively. Learning all the way.

Learn from yourself and also from others. And help others solve their problems. This is the key to progress - any progress. If you solve others' problems, not only others gain, you also gain. Big gains. Your own problem solving and decision making ability gets stronger.

Jump into problem - start systematic problem solving

When a problem comes your way, be sure there will always be someone ready to help you make the crucial breakthrough. We have told such a true story in the Real life problem solving article How to Find the troubleshooter to solve a grave real life problem.

This is similar to the situation of your first time Paragliding when you jump off a 2000 feet high rock shelf into free space. There will be someone with you just like the Paragliding pilot accompanying you in your first free fall jump.

You, me and everyone else solve problems, in our own ways. Life is about solving problems, about taking decisions for improving present situation. People have done it through ages. And some of the gifted ones have spelled out how problems can be solved - the process of solving a problem. That is the key. Usually we never look back to analyze how we solved a particular problem in the past.

Once you get hold of a process for solving a problem - understand it, clarify it in your mind, improve upon it and then apply it with full confidence next time such a problem arises.

Reuse. With time, shortly (yes once this understanding and application of problem solving process starts, the way forward is accelerating, things improve fast) you would accumulate enough systematic problem solving abilities to look at any problem with calm and assured confidence.

If you do go for your first Paragliding, you will never forget the wonderful experience of jumping off into space overcoming your initial fear in a few minutes and finally, after a while, safely landing back to the ground. The same way, start solving any problem you face with no fear of failure whatsoever.

Safe landing - end systematic problem solving

After all, if you stop to think, types of problems that we face in our individual lives are not too many. Each of us lives in our own customized world where infinite types of problems won't occur.

Just start enriching your own problem solving techniques and in due time you would be able to face most of the problems in the environment around you with confidence. It is very well within your reach.

In this space, that's what we relentlessly pursue - understanding problem solving process and how to apply the knowledge of problem solving systematically. This is the discipline of systematic problem solving.

Solve any problem - real life problem to math problem

Solving any problem? Yes. We love math problems as well as real world problems. Problem solving is the thread woven through everything here.

In Problem Solving you will find all articles on the subject. Problem solving concepts, principles, tools, techniques, skill-sets, real world examples, Critical thinking concepts and examples - all make this collection richly usable.

Innovation is radical new thinking. Though necessary for problem solving, it is given its due place as a separate category.

Applying problem solving techniques on common areas such as Maths, needs knowing the basic concepts which form the foundation. To help learning basic concepts quickly we have created the category of articles in Basics.

To help students in the widespread problem of cracking the major competitive exams, we have created question and solution sets for leading competitive tests in Exams section. It includes till now, question, answers and detailed solution sets among other, for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, UGC/CSIR Net Maths for Bio-Science PhD aspirants. Of secial mention isĀ Efficient Math Problem Solving. It can be accessed by its short name Quick Math. Lightning quick solution of various types of Math MCQ questions using suitable math problem solving techniques is explained using example.

To consolidate foundational concepts on maths, comprehensive school level maths is covered School math. At present it contains NCERT Solutions for class 10 maths.

Brain teasers contain the fun and growing part attracting more interest. It contains easy to hard popular puzzles with easy solutions using new problem solving techniques.

Books category shows publishing news of books by SureSolv authors. It is an important part as here only, the specially powerful problem solving techniques used are explained separately.

Sudoku under Variety section starts with games and solutions at beginner level Sudoku and goes on to explain solution to some of the hardest Sudoku games at fourth level and expert level of hardness.

You may enjoy Insightful pieces in Reflections under Variety.

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