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River crossing puzzle

Intriguing puzzles of river crossing

In a river crossing puzzle one or more than one person (or even intelligent animals like monkeys) have to cross a river with a few barriers or constraints.

Unless the barriers are overcome and conditions are fulfilled, safe crossing cannot take place.

To solve the puzzle, you have to find a way to cross the river without violating any of the conditions.

Enjoy the following river crossing puzzles we have,

Riddle of 4 persons crossing a bridge over a river at night within 17 minutes: 4 persons with different walking speeds have to cross a river at night over a frail bridge that can bear the weight of only 2 persons at a time. They have only one torch with them and they must cross within 17 minutes. Not an easy one to crack.

King queen and washerman river crossing puzzle: In essence, 3 couples have to cross a river in a small boat that can take only two. This river crossing puzzle is made more difficult by a number of conditions that must not be violated. This is not an easy one to solve.

3 monkeys and 3 humans crossing river puzzle: In this puzzle also six entities have to cross a river in a small boat that can take only two. On top of this, not every one can row the boat and if number of monkeys outnumber the humans on a riverside, the monkeys will eat up the humans. This is not an easy one to solve.

Two pigs and two hens crossing river puzzle: As number of animals to cross is less, this puzzle is easier to solve.

Farmer, fox, goose, bag of corn river crossing puzzle: The farmer can take only one thing with him in a boat trip and if left alone, the fox eats the goose and the goose eats the corn. This is the classic puzzle that we all have tried to solve during our childhood and it still excites young and old alike.

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