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Logic puzzle

Puzzles on logic analysis

Most if not all puzzles need some amount of reasoning or logic analysis.

Logic puzzles are those that need predominantly logic analysis that is based frequently on formal elementary logic of Truth, Falsity, Implications and so on.

As formal logic is not very natural to us humans, logic puzzles occasionally may seem to be quite awkward to solve. Nevertheless, logic puzzles are invariably very interesting to solve.

Enjoy our following logic puzzles. Most recent is the first in this list.

4 logicians and 11 fish fries logic puzzle: 4 logicians ate up 11 pieces of fish fries but didn't notice how many each had eaten. They could discover this from a few questions and answer. Can you?

Whose birthday on which day logic puzzle: Five friends have their birthdays on consecutive days, all between Monday and Friday. From 3 given conditions find their birthdays. Time to solve 5 mins.

Who wears which shirt color logic puzzle: Four of them wear shirts of 4 different colors. Whoever wears blue tells the truth, others lie. Find colors of their shirts from their statements.

Riddle of Name of the Engineer: Three businessmen with similar names as three railwaymen live in three cities. Given six conditions, find the name of the engineer.

Six wrong labeled bottles logic puzzle: Six bottles in two shelves in a rack are labeled all wrong regarding the contents. Two questions and the answers to the questions though provide sufficient clues for finding which wrong labeled bottle contains Pepper. It's interesting and not hard.

Flipping coins to heads or tails logic puzzle: Blindfolded you have to create a second pile of coins from a first pile on a table so that the number of tails up coins in both piles are same. It's interesting and not hard.

Liar, truth-teller and random-answerer riddle: This is a logician's puzzle and is hard. A traveler faces two paths one of which he must take, but one leads to death and the other to safety. For help three men appear before him ready to answer two and only two questions from which the traveler has to find the safe path. Trouble is, one of the three is a habitual liar, the second a habitual truth-teller and the third would answer any question purely in a random manner.

First solve the simpler Liar and the truth-teller riddle and then try this one.

Liar and the truth-teller riddle step by step solution: In this puzzle, a traveler faces two paths one of which leads to death and the other to safety and warmth. To find the safe path, the traveler has to ask one and only one question to any of two helpers standing in front of him. Trouble is, one of them is a habitual liar and the other habitual truth-teller.

4 prisoners and hats puzzle: Alien chief offered a game of freedom or death to his 4 prisoners. They will stand in a row each wearing a hat colored black or white. A prisoner can see the hats of all in front but not behind. Alien chief will start the guessing game by asking each prisoner color of his own hat. Correct answer earns freedom but wrong answer will result in death. Can anyone win? It is not a hard puzzle.

Logic puzzle, When is Cheryl's birthday?  Cheryl gives Albert and Bernard 10 possible dates for her birthday and also a few clues. And you have to find Cheryl's birthday.

Improved solution of Einstein's puzzle whose fish: This is an improved solution to the Einstein's puzzle whose fish solved earlier.

Method based solution to Einstein's puzzle whose fish: Five men of five nationalities live in five cottages all colored differently. Each of them owns a different pet, smokes a different cigar or cigarette and drinks a different drink. From 15 statements about them you have to find who owns the fish.

It is a hard puzzle but very interesting to solve.


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