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Shortest path through the 9 room floor?

Can you go into the 9 room floor and come out?


It's a very simple problem. You just have to choose any of the two doors to enter the floor and come out of the other end exit.

Entry side and the exit are shown by arrows.

Only two restrictions

  1. While on your way you must not re-cross any part of your earlier path. You can pass just by the side of your earlier path but must not cross-over.
  2. Once you enter through one of the two entry doors, you can't go out of the other entry door, you must go out of the floor through the exit only.

Three questions

  1. Go through the hall covering maximum number of 9 rooms.
  2. Go through hall along the the shortest path.
  3. Go through the hall along the longest path.

Enjoy, it won't take much of your time.