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The Puzzle Book with Innovative Solutions

Puzzle book with innovative solutions

You too can solve: just use common sense based new way of thinking

You'll enjoy solving its 50 hand-picked puzzles, but you'll also learn how to solve hard problems easily without random attempts by innovative methods.

The Suresolv Puzzle book with innovative solutions: Puzzles for Adults: 50 Puzzles with Step-by-Step Solutions: Boost Your Power of Problem Solving

This book is for the smart and curious mind at any age like yours. It should also go a long way to improve performance of young minds—in higher Schools, Colleges and Work environments.

It contains hand-picked 50 brain teasers and the solutions. None of the puzzles are too easy or for that matter too difficult that you won't be able to solve.
The puzzles are of mixed variety - intriguing riddles, logic puzzles, river crossing puzzles, and ball weighing puzzles. Most of the puzzles are uncommon but all are interesting.

No math puzzles, you don't need any prior knowledge to solve the puzzles.

Puzzle solutions are hand-crafted using innovative problem solving techniques. The new methods used for solving the puzzles will surprise and enrich you.

To add value to the work, a few of the Innovative problem solving techniques used in solutions, namely, Working backwards, End state analysis, Property change analysis, Question Analysis Answer are collected in brief as Appendix.

These are general problem solving techniques you may use for solving not just puzzles, but other types of problems also.

It is a book of 50 puzzles that you will enjoy solving.

The most valuable part though is the set of solutions. The new innovative solutions will show you how to solve hard problems the easy way without wasting time on random attempts.

It is the book that sure will boost your brain power and show you new innovative ways to solve problems.

Where can you buy the Suresolv book of Puzzles for Adults with innovative solutions

You can choose your favorite book store from major players Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Rakuten Kobo, Angus Robertson and others using the universal ebook link below:

Puzzles for Adults: 50 Brain Teasers with Step-by-Step Solutions.

The ebook link for Amazon is below:

Puzzles for Adults: 50 Brain Teasers with Step-by-Step Solutions: Kindle edition.

And the eBook link from Gumroad is here.

You may also get the paperback on Amazon here.