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Subtopics of Arithmetic

Number system, Mensuration, Fractions, Surds, Simplification, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Average, Compound interest, Profit and loss, Time and work problems, Pipes and cisterns problems, Work and wages problems, Speed time distance problems, Trains running problems, Boats in rivers problems, Age problems, Discount and Mixture or Alligation.

SSC CGL level Solution Set 72 on work time problems 7


In this 72nd solution set of 10 practice problem exercise for SSC CGL exam, various types of selected problems on work time and work wages are solved in as few steps as possible. Attempt is always to solve the problems in mind in minimum time. Concepts and methods used are explained in clear details. To gain maximum benefits from this valuable resource, students must complete the corresponding question set in prescribed time first and then only refer to these solutions...

SSC CGL Tier II level Solved Questions Set 13 on time and distance problems and train problems 1


This is the 13th set of solved questions of 10 practice problem exercise for SSC CGL Tier II exam and 1st on time and distance problems and train problems at this level. The questions are followed by answers and then the detailed conceptual solution explanation...

How to solve Surds part 3, Surd expression comparison and ranking


In this third tutorial on how to solve surd problems, we will take up explaining two related problem classes, namely, two-term surd expression comparison and ranking. First we will state and explain two important rich concepts used for quick solution and then apply the rich concepts in solving chosen SSC CGL level problems...

How to solve Surds part 2, double square root surds and surd term factoring


In this second tutorial we will explain how a surd expression under a second square root is dealt with as well as explain two other typical surd problem solving techniques, namely, surd term factoring and coefficient equalization of surd and non-surd terms in a surd equation. We will explain through the process of solving chosen SSC CGL level problems...

How to solve a GATE level long Work Time problem analytically in a few steps 1


At the first look, this long-worded work time problem seemed to be a problem of two workers working together to be solved using standard mathematical deductions, but the hidden depths in this real life work place problem could have been discovered as well as solution reached quickly in mind only with analytical approach that is followed perhaps everyday in such real life work place problem situations...


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